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marking machines for permanent product identification

Marking Machinery for Permanent Product Identification

Precise Machine Company, is a division of SCHMIDT. So not only can Precise provide you with added value support capabilities such as anodizing, chem film processing, dip brazing, heat treating, painting, passivating, and plating, but we can also provide you with any marking, etching or engraving requirements on your finished components and assemblies.


SCHMIDT has been manufacturing permanent part marking machinery for over 120 years.

  • Permanently mark a wide variety of products and materials such as, metals, nonmetals, ceramics, plastics and more.
  • Mark on flat, curved, convex, or concave parts, as well as, irregular and delicate surfaces.
  • Automatic date codes, sequential serial numbers, logos, or any identification marks on your parts and products.

SCHMIDT is proudly ISO certified and FFL licensed. SCHMIDT's broad range of marking products include Fiber, DPSS, and CO2 laser marking systems, along with column mounted, portable handheld, and integration pin marking systems. SCHMIDT also manufactures more traditional marking machines including, pneumatic and hydraulic roll marking, rotary roll marking and press marking machines. SCHMIDT still proudly manufactures steel marking tools include steel type, hand stamps, steel stamps, marking dies, embossing stamps, numbering heads and type holders.

For more information on SCHMIDT's permanent marking systems and capabilities, visit us at


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Precise is an ITAR Registered
CNC Machine Shop

Precise is an ITAR registered CNC Machine Shop

ITAR Code M28843

Precise Machine Company

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is proudly certified
ISO 9001:2015

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Precise is a member of the TMA Technology and Manufacturing Association
Technology and Manufacturing Association

Precise is a division of SCHMIDT
Precise Machine Company
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